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You Drive Change and Innovation.

We support the development of technologies, research and innovation from developing countries. Making full use of the available cultural and technological resources.

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Our team has achieved this metric through years of life work.

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To deliver excellence through several years of life work.



In order to perfect our first product and meet market needs.

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We actively seek feedback from product owners & stakeholders.

Solve your challenges

Out-and-Beyond the
Box Thinking


Let's deeply address your organization challenges, and goals with a "How might we?" Approach.


Spot your organization challenges through our experience and AI, we will think solutions for them.


Drive your organization forward with cutting-edge, out-of-the-box, innovative solutions.


Find new horizons and challenges, enabling your organization to firmly step into the future.

Closer to the Futur(e)

Picture your organization, at its best, and further.

Let’s enjoy, implement and surpass the latest cultural and technological assets to transform our working spaces and urban experiences.

Digital Transformation

Bring change to your organization. Join us to achieve the 9th SDG. 

Software Development

Build and maintain your custom software, apps, or websites.

Specialized Design

Introduce your organization into the forefront of design.


Build up a living brand capable of communicating your organization goals.

You drive innovation and change, shaping alliances, industries, and infrastructures, that impact our world.

At Dismartek, we’re committed to supporting your journey toward sustainable development. Whether through cutting-edge tech, sustainable practices, or resilient digital infrastructures, we’re here to realize your vision. 

We believe in partnerships, collaborating with you, governments, organizations, NGOs, and others to implement and scale sustainable solutions. Together, we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create a better future. Let’s embark on this journey together, combining your vision with our expertise to make a difference.

A vibrant green gradient background image, symbolizing Dismartek’s Technology and Design solutions from Colombia and LATAM, as innovative solutions from emerging markets. The gradient transitions from a deep, dark green on the left to a lighter, more vibrant green on the right. This abstract representation could evoke themes of growth, progression, and forward-thinking.

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